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product Design

We work with you in designing and optimizing new or existing product. We offer services to work from conceptual design, Modelling and detailing. Talk us to explore product design service.

We are offering to our client’s product design services using software platforms including CAD designing Services/CAM/CAE, delivering this prototyping, concept, design & rendering services. For getting a high-quality output. We includes the provision of validation of the products by in-house tests and other quality assurance aspects. The salient features of our services include Design: New design work we undertake small or large projects right from a formal specification to the full design, detailing, manufacturing & production release phases.

Product Design services we offer

Concept design

This stage of the process confirms the product requirements. The designers know what problems need to be solved, and they’re subsequently able to brainstorm how the product will address them.

3D modelling

3D product Modeling is a digital alternative to create lifestyle pictures of the showcased products. It allows Conceptualization to customization ranging from changing the textures, material, dimensions, thus obtain lifestyle modeling in different scene settings.


During the detailed design process, clearances, manufacturability, tolerances and customer perception are all taken into account. The big thinking of the concept phase is dealt a far more critical eye with only the most practical and market-appealing ideas making it to the prototype stage.


CAD migration is a frequent need encountered and we can reduce your work stress resulted from issues of data compatibility, changes in software formats, process complexity. More than this, we will save you the time you would consume translating your CAD files from one software format to another format.

Bill of material list

A bill of materials is an extensive list of raw materials, components, and instructions required to construct, manufacture, or repair a product or service.

Tolerance stack up analysis

Tolerance stack up analysis is use to validate a design. Its use to predict the actual variation of an assembly based on the variation of the part dimensions. Tolerance stack-up calculations represent the cumulative effect of part tolerance with respect to an   assembly requirement. The idea of tolerances “stacking up” would refer to adding tolerances to find total part tolerance, then comparing that to the available gap or performance limits in order.

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