Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Axioprime will work with you to summarize the process of reconstructing an existing object. Will draw up the design specification from scratch object and produce the drawings to make it in right way.

Our team of engineer’s leverages reverse engineering principle to generate a CAD model from inputs of laser scanned data received from fabricators, OEM firms, and plant owners for the purpose of re-fabrication. Our wide range of reverse engineering services provides total life-cycle support for both onsite and offshore projects. Every client’s project is customized to meet their exact requirements, as we believe that every project is different.

Reverse Engineering services we offer

3D scan

Reverse engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient & effective way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or free-form shape. While using traditional measurement techniques such as calipers to reverse engineer these complex surfaces can be difficult or even impossible, 3D laser scanning shines – literally! Scan data can be turned into a model representing its as-built shape or to match original as-designed features – including parametric ones.

Surface data

Reverse engineering generates a CAD surface model that precisely represents a scanned object. Reverse engineering is used everywhere where work is performed manually on real objects and a CAD model is required for the subsequent process.

3D modelling

We simplify the design process using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to create new designs or recreate existing product/part designs based on ones that already exist. Our reverse engineering can accelerate product development and reduce risk, save time, and increase productivity. We deliver comprehensive reverse engineering and 3D scan services ranging from 3D laser scanning, rapid prototyping to delivery of a final optimized CAD design solutions, and even CAE models.

2D Drawings
Our team of experienced CAD technicians works with the latest AutoCAD software to create a professional drawing package that clearly communicates your requirements. Our 2D CAD drafts always undergo a multilayered quality check for ensuring its accuracy and best quality. Our aim is always to provide quality drawings to suit your deadline.
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